This is an old poem, but I have just seen that my sister has been out celebrating some netball achievements, and it got me thinking to this poem. I wrote it in school a very long time ago (1982), but it reminds me of how Netball used to go.(BTW it looks better on a computer screen than on a phone, as the layout is wide.)


Play in                                                                                    Play out


Jump up                                                                                Ball out


Throw in                                                                                Catch high


Throw back                                                                           Loud cry


“Wrong way”                                                                         Back Up


Throw long                                                                            “Ball, duck!”


Blue in                                                                                   Goal scored


Good throw                                                                           We roar


Centre pass                                                                          Whistle blows


Short time                                                                              Short throws


Up high                                                                                  Down low


Out again                                                                              Another throw


Quick shot                                                                             Long pace


Up court                                                                                 Fast race


Centre third                                                                           Once again


Goal missed                                                                          Try again


Whistle blows                                                                       Loud long


Game stops                                                                           Players throng