Music everywhere

I have days where I listen to no music at all, it is all too noisy and lively for this peace –  loving soul. Then there are days where it seems necessary and I “find” music I haven’t listened to for a very long time. I don’t very often ferret in the CD drawers, as I play most of the music I do listen to from my iPod, but today, for reasons unknown, I was drawn to it. I had a fancy that I wanted to add some Eric Clapton… and I knew J’s collection had a few that my collection missed. (By the by, I found a poignant sign of our cementing partnership was the mingling and mixing of our music collections. This was a significant step in togetherness for me, and it maybe a topic for posting another time…)

As a result of today’s ferreting, I have uploaded 15 hours of CDs on to iTunes. Some are golden sounds I have known and loved;  Blondie’s  “Parallel Lines” (rediscovered in the drawer – I am delighted, I didn’t know I had it on CD), Kirsty McCall’s “Glorious” (which is), Madonna’s “Music” (as far into dance music as I ever ventured), and then there is what I went looking for; Eric Clapton’s “461 Ocean Boulevard”,  a lovely album, quite new to me  although J said he was listening to it in the pub when he first went up to University in 1973!

So, just now, I am revelling in the music and enjoying hearing some old and some new tunes. In the past I have always found that even if I may not have heard a song for years (maybe ten or more) when I do it all comes flooding back; the era, the memories, even some of the feelings. I am now listening to “The Best of James”, added to the playlist today but originating from my Indie period in the 1990s. This album was released in 1998, which I could say was not a good time for me. I refer to it as my “black and blurry” period with too much work, not enough nourishing fun, and too, too, much living it up madly without due care and attention for health or wellbeing.  As I listen today I am expecting the old feelings to wash over me, but this is not what happens, the songs just sound familiar and friendly, but fresh, and I feel a million miles from that time in the late 90s.

What wonderful news this is for me! Where music has always taken me back to its time and place, the “there and then”, I find I am now able to be present in the here and now. I am not trapped in the old feelings and can listen with new ears, having no unwanted intrusion from the history these songs would have provoked in me on past listenings. I feel released and free to enjoy my music in a whole new world, the world of now. I am looking forward to revisiting some other classics of the collection that maybe held more horrors from the history. I wonder how they will sound with my new ears?