Who am I….?

I ask myself this frequently, and the reason for this blog is to explore and find out more then record it as I go along.

So I will begin with some random things I already know:

  • My favourite colour is green – this is a surprise to me as for most of my life I thought it was blue.
  • I love walking in the countryside, any countryside is good but particularly woods and meadows.
  • I love curry! Mainly Indian varieties (well, I have only tasted the westernised ones, but they are fabulous).
  • Pad Thai is another hot favourite, with chicken or prawn, not fussy.
  • I am an avid West Wing fan. This is a 7 season drama made in USA and created by that master wordsmith Aaron Sorkin, it concerns the characters in a fictitious West Wing, the admin hub of the White House. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.
  • I love sunsets and moon rises.
  • I am not adverse to a small tipple of Pinot Grigio…
  • An empty washing basket gives me a good feeling.
  • Thinking and new ideas in psychology, neurobiology and psychotherapy are great reading matter for me

So, for now this will do…  TBC


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